Let me introduce myself

What do you want to be when you’ve grown up?

Hi there! Welcome to Balans Praktijk. My name is Caspar van der Poel.

I want to help you, so you can live your best possible life.

From early childhood on I’ve been interested in what it is that gets people moving, and what I can do to make life better.
When at 8 years old I was asked “What do you want to be when you’ve grown up?” my answer was: “A surgeon. Because I want to help people get better.”

But life doesn’t always go according to plan.

Becoming a surgeon was a goal I kept in front of me for a long time. But life is made up of choices, and at one point I made a choice that would sent my life down a very different path.
Not being able to sart studying medicine immediately after highschool, I decided to do a year of studying physiotherapy, and then go on to medicine.
However, what I learned during my first year as a physiotherapy student was so very interesting, I didn’t want it to end after one year. So I decided to continue this study.
It was hard work. But the outlook made it wort hit: I learned an occupation that would allow me to help you.

Exactly what I wanted.

From Physiotherapist to Acupuncturist

At 12 years old I wrote an essay for school about acupuncture. Helping someone with the use of small needles fascinated me. Having experienced the effects of acupuncture first hand, I knew the good it did. So when near the end of my physiotherapy education I got the opportunity to start studying acupuncture, I grabbed this chance with both hands.
Acupuncture would provide me with even more knowledge and skills to help you. So this was only logical.

Life is in motion, always

Being in one place for to long… That’s not something that suits me. To live is to move, and I don’t like sitting stil lto much. For instance, three time a week I start my workday with an hour of CrossFit at a local gym. And when possible I like to go for a run as well.

But it’s not just physical movement that keeps me going. On a personal level I’m also continuously i motion. I like to improve myself and learn new things. And very often with you in the back of my mind: Improve myself, so I can help you do the same. So you can be at your possible best.

You should do what suits you

There comes a point in life, where you realise there is more. At a certain point, i thought by myself: helping people get better is fun, but not enough. I want to help people make the most out of their life. To live life fully!

And thus I changed my direction. Physiotherapy and Acupuncture taught me a lot about sickness and health and how to become healthy again. But to help someone make the most out of life, you need more than that.
Getting the most out of life, to fully be yourself, means that you need to start doing the thinsg that really suit you. Give attention to what is really important to you. Connect with what matters the most to you.

That’s why my focus for my own personal developement has changed the past years.

I’ve become a:

  • Master Face Reader
  • Mindfulness Trainer
  • NLP Master Practitioner

Physical and Mental Empowerment

The twists and turns on my own personal path have given me a lot of insight. And with this insight and the knowledge I’ve gained, I can help you discover what it is that sets you into motion.
I help you take the steering wheel of your life into your own hands. So you can take the actions you need to take, to make your life the best possible life you can.
When you find your strenght, with your feet on the ground, you will be able to make your dreams into reality!

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