Face Reading

With Face Reading we study the features and lines visible in the face, to gain insight in a person’s character, emotional wellbeing and life experiences.

As humans we learn to look at faces from our early childhood. The first thing a baby can recognise is their parents faces. Understanding facial expressions is very important in our daily communication. And thus our face is a very important aspect of communication.

By looking at a face, you can gain a lot of insight in how someone thinks or feels. When you are trained in Face Reading there is even much more to see. Details you would otherwise overlook, but which give you a much deeper understanding of the person in front of you. This can help illuminate things that the person in front of you probably isn’t consciously aware of.

A deeper understanding of oneself through Face Reading

Do you get from life what you need? Can you tip the scales of balance towards success and the life that you’d desire?

Life nowadays is busy

Our life is hectic. Everything is moving at a rapid speed. Information is easily accessible and so are we 24h a day. Through all this, it’s quite easy to loose sight of ourselves, our goals and our dreams.

Let me read your face and together we will discover what you need

Through reading your face, together we will discover your strength as well as your pitfalls. Ingrained patterns will come to light. With Face Reading I’ll give you a deeper understanding of yourself. I’ll help you find order within chaos. I help you get to know yourself. And with this knowledge you’ll find what you need to make the most of your life.

What’s your passion?

Face Reading brings you a deeper understanding of yourself. We will discover what motivates you. Your drive. Your passion. A face reading shows you the way to be you. It gives you the strength and inspiration to achieve your own goals and dreams and follow your own path in life.

Coaching through Face Reading: Let your own face guide you to happiness

With Face Reading I study your face’s features, signs and lines in order to gain a better understanding of your personality, traits and experiences in life.

Our face as a means of communication

Our face is very important in our daily communication. Only a small part of our communication is through spoken language. Body language is needed to convey the message we wish to send, and the majority of this happens through facial expressions.

We are our own face

Through expression we shape our face. And thus our face is a mirror of who we are on the inside. It’s the result of our experiences, emotions, traits and personality.

The emotional map

Lines show up on our face, based on emotional expression. Some people show more lines then others, and everyone shows different lines and markings on their face. These lines can be read as a map. They show your emotional experiences, past and present. They tell a lot about our emotional wellbeing.

Features and personality

It doesn’t stop at the emotional map. Have you ever wondered why faces all look so different. Though everyone has the same features, every single person has their own face.

And those features, the ears, eyes, nose, mouth etc. they reveal our personality.

A Face Reader as coach

As Face Reader I’ll take on the challenge to analyse all there is to see on your face. To help you make sense of what there is to see. To help you gain insight and a deeper understanding what it means to be you. I’ll help you identify your drive and passion. This way I can coach you and help you follow your own path in life.

How can Face Reading help you?

Do you have trouble finding meaning in life or what it is you wish to do with your life? Have you tried everything but found nothing to your liking?

Do you often encounter limitations or health problems and would you like to know how to better deal with these limitations?

Maybe you seek a new place to live, but don’t know what suits you best…?

Questions like these can very well be answered through Face Reading.

So what is your question? What would you like to know? Ask me and together we will find the answer. So contact me today!

What your face reveals

A Face Reading can bring to light the things you love, the things that make you happy. It reveals what you’re good at, what your talents are. It shows you where you feel comfortable and at home.

Face Reading helps you discover and overcome old patterns that don’t suit you anymore. It will help you find a new way, your way. A path to health and happiness.

Through Face Reading I help people:

  • Discover where their passion lies and what motivates them
  • Finding a career or work environment that suits them
  • Discover what their ideal living space would look like
  • Find a healthy and balanced lifestyle
  • Find a suitable mate, based on personality
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