What can you expect during your first treatment

If you desire an acupuncture treatment, you can always contact me. You don’t need a referral from your doctor or medical specialist.

Your first appointment will be an intake. I will ask some questions about your current health status as well as your medical history.

As a classical acupuncturist I will also calculate your personal energetic constitution, because this will help me give you the best possible treatment there is for you. A treatment specific to your needs and your body.

When the first part of the intake is finished I will ask you to lie down, so we can continue with the second part, the examination. The most important diagnostic tool for an acupuncturist is pulse taking. Your pulse tells me all I need to know about the current state your qi is in. And this will help me make the best decisions on how to treat your Qi, and help it get back to balance. But besides taking your pulse, I can also look at your tongue and face to help me form a diagnosis.

With all the information combined, I’ll make a treatment plan. And we will continue the treatment. I’ll select a few points, usually 1 to 3, but sometimes up to five, to treat. Treatment works with very thin needles inserted in the selected points. I leave them in for about 20 minutes. From time to time I will feel your pulse, to see how the treatment affects your Qi. When the 20 minutes have passed, I will remove the needles.

We will make another appointment and will continue treatment according the treatment plan.

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