Time Line Therapy

Time Line Therapy is a therapy which has it’s roots in NLP and is created by Tad James.

In life things happen. Sometimes fun, sometimes not so much… And then there are those events in life that have a major impact upon us. Emotions triggerd by such an event don’t always dissolve. They stick to us, and keep traveling with us for a long time.

Time Line Therapy helps you to unglue those, usually negative, emotions so they won’t hinder you anymore.

Limiting believes and decisions about ourselves, formed through experiences in our past, can keep us from living the life we would like for ourselves. They stand in the way of what we could become. Time Line Therapy helps you to release these believes and decisions. Thereby unlocking our unused potential.

Your Personal Time Line

Your timeline is the chronological order in which your subconcious keeps track of your past, present and future.

Maybe you haven’t met your own timeline yet. But you probably do know what a timeline is. Like, for instance, the time line from one of your social media accounts. There, everything you posted is presented in a chronological order: a timeline.

You yourself have a timeline as well. Your own timeline is created by your subconcious, which keeps our life experiences in our memory.

Sometimes we experience an event that has a big impact on us. When our subconcious can’t deal with it at that moment in time, the emotion that comes with the experience is being kept together with the memory of the event.
Such unresolved emotions then can unintentionally rise at other moments in our life, and hinder us in the present moment.

With Time Line Therapy you will be able to let go of these old emotions. By doing so, they won’t hinder you in the present and future.

Letting go of Negative Emotions

Emotions are a normal part of life. They make us human. Sometimes however, emotions we experience in the present moment have nothing to do with the situation we are in at that moment.
It’s an unresolved emotion from your past, resurfacing time and time again.
You can recognise this, for instance, in moments where you get angry, but this anger is not relative to the actual event.

Anger, fear, sadness & sorrow, guilt… These can have a huge impact on our present day life although they are actually old hurts.

By using your own personal timeline, Time Line Therapy helps you to go back tot he core, the origin of this emotion. Once there, you will be able to let go of the emotion. Your memory of the actual event remains, now without thee motion attached to it.

Letting Go of limmiting decisions/believes

During your life you make decisions continually. Sometimes you are very awere of the choices you make, but the majority of your choices you make without even being awere that there is a choice to make.

A limiting decision or believe, is a decision you have made about yourself somewhere along the course of your life, that limits other possibilities in your life. You can usually identify such believes, when you hear things like: “That is just who I am”, “I’m not fit to do…”, “I’m not…”.

A lot of these believes develope during our childhood, but they can also develope later in life. Usually these ideas seem to be very true, but most of the time they are not.
In fact, what they are, is just a limit to our own freedom of choice.
As an example: Someone who holds the believe ‘I don’t fit in’ can really isolate himself. Because, if you don’t fit anywhere, why would you even try?
A believe like this is something you developed somewhere during your life, with a huge impact on the course of your own life.

By using Time Line Therapy, we can go back tot he origin of this decision/believe. We can review and reappraise the event that brought you this believe. This time with more knowledge and insight. This way you can make a new decision. One that gives you more options to choose from.

Setting future goals

You cleaned up your past. New options are available to you and you can reshape your future course. What would you like to do? What would be your goal to reach?

Time Line Therapy can also help you on your path towards your goals and dreams. By setting a goal in such a way that it is as real as possible to you.

Time Line Therapy helps you by placing this goal in your future in such a way that you will set everything in motion to follow your path onward. You will set your goal in your own timeline, at a specific point in the future. It can be something in the near future, but also a long term goal years ahead of you.

By doing this, you program your subconcious. This way your subconcious will make the right decisions to reach your goal.

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