Physiotherapy – medical taping

Wouldn’t it be great if your muscles would perform better during sports? Would you like to move with more ease even when there are muscle and joint complaints?

Medical Taping can help. The elastic tape helps your muscles to perform more efficient. This taping method helps to prevent injury and helps with the treatment of existing injury, without limiting your movement. 

What is the Medical Taping Concept?

It’s a method of taping, developed with the viewpoint that movement is essential for health and rehab. We can’t really heal without movement. Our muscles and joints need movement to stay mobile. And muscle activity helps regulate are blood circulation.

To heal properly from an injury, movement shouldn’t be restricted. Movement needs to be supported.

The first elastic taping originates in Japan and Korea in the 1970’s. At the end of the 90’s FysioTape brought this method of taping to Europe.

How does Medical Taping work?

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