Physiotherapy treatment

What can you expect when you come for physiotherapy treatment?


When I see you for the first time there will be an intake. I will need to know a bit about you and what it is that you need help with. So in order to get a better understanding of you and your complaint I’ll ask you some questions.

Physical examination

When you’ve told me all I need to know about what ails you we will continue with an examination. I will need to see how you move in general, but also how you can or can’t move the body part you experience trouble with.

Together with the information you have given me in the interview the information from the physical examination will help me make a diagnosis in terms of physiotherapy.

Treatment plan

With this diagnosis I can set up a treatment plan. You have goals you wish to reach and I can help you find a way to reach these goals. The treatment plan is the pathway towards the goals you want to reach. It’s personal and suited to your needs.


Treatment consists of different things according to the goals we’ve set. It’ll follow the plan we made and can consist of:

  • Advice and education
  • Exercise therapy
  • Mobilising techniques for joints
  • Stretching muscles
  • Massage

It all depends on the issue at hand.

Want to find a solution to your complaint? Make an appointment today

Contact me today and we can plan your first appointment. Often its possible to make an appointment for the same day or the next day.

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