Individual Mindfulness Training

Most Mindfulness Training programs out there are only offered as a group training. This is because learning and practicing mindfulness in a group has some benefits over individual training. Because mindfulness training is an experience based training, you will learn not only from your own experiences but also from what other participants experience.

However, some people prefer individual training. They don’t feel comfortable in a group or they want/need more personal guidance in their training. And sometimes a group training just doesn’t fit in their irregular work schedule.


The Same training, but now just for you

Since you are on this page, you are probably one of those people who would like tob e taught mindfulness personally.
Well then you’ll be glad to read here, that at Balans Praktijk I offer the possiblity to do the 8-week mindfulness program on an individual basis.
In eight 1,5 hour lessons, divided as you choose over 8 or maybe even more weeks, I will guide you through the same course as the group training. We can plan the entire course to your learning needs, with a maximum of one lesson per week.

Besides the 8-week mindfulness program, I can also plan a course specifically to your needs. Maybe you already have some experience and you just need some extra guidance. Or there is a spesific area that you wish to focus on. Together we can make a program that is designed especially for you.

Personal Guidance, yes… But you still need to do the work

I am here to guide you in your mindfulness practice. I can show you the way, but the only way I can do that, is by working with your experience. This means I expect that you practice at home doing the meditation and exercises from our sessions together.
During the 1,5 hour sessions we have together, I help you gain insight from your experiences with the excercises we do together and with what you experienced while doing your homework. This means that during our sessions together, I will need a lot of input from you.

The 8 week program individual

Who: Anyone who is interested in mindfulness, but who doesn’t want to participate in a group training.
What: Eight 1,5 hour sessions, following the regular Mindfulness Training program.
Where: At Balans Praktijk, In the Noordwijkerhout Health Centre. But if you desire to do this program at the comfort of your own home and you live in the area between Leiden and Haarlem, we can make arrangements to do so.
When: Send me an email and we’ll start planning together.
Cost: 780,- euro, including tax, for a total of 12 hours of live contact. Which means only 65,- euro’s per hour, 15,- euro less than my regular hourly coaching fee. For training at your own location there will be an extra fee, depending on where you live, and the time of day I need to be there.


Individual Mindfulness Training designed to your specific needs.

If you desire a program designed for you specifically, you can always contact me. We will make an appointment to discuss your needs, no strings attached. This appointment will be free of charge. When we come to a mutual agreement, I will design a course and communicate the details with you. When you agree tot he planned course, together we will plan the schedule.

Depending on the number of appointments we plan together, pricing will vary from 80,- euro an hour (incl. Tax) for 1 or 2 lessons, to 65,- euro an hour(incl. Tax) for 6 or more lessons. You will get a bill fort he full program, when the appointments are made. I may be able to make a payplan for you, upon your request.
Once started, I offer 40% refund, before the first half of the program we agreed upon. From halfway through the training, a refund is not possible.

Looking for a personal mindfulness training?

Contact me today via email so we can plan your free 30 minute appointment where we can discuss your mindfulness needs.

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