Mindfulness Training

This training is a grouptraining consisting of eight lessons. Each lesson takes approximately two and a half ours.

Throughout these lessons you will be taught various meditations that’ll help you guide and keep your focus and attention. Meditations where you either sit still or lie down. But also meditation through movement.

The next training will be: announced here

Email me or fill out the contact form to sign up for a training.

Mindfulness Theme’s

This mindfulness training is based on MBCT, mindfulness based cognitive therapy, and follows a structure with 8 lessons. Each week will have it’s own theme.

  1. The Autopilot
  2. Dealing with obstacles
  3. Concentration
  4. Understanding Aversion
  5. Allowing things to be as they are
  6. Thoughts do not equal facts
  7. Taking care of yourself
  8. How to keep what you have learned 

Training in Mindfulness requires commitment

The benefits of mindfulness don’t come by just listening and reading. In order to make these skills your own and be able to use them in your daily life, I ask of you that, during this training you actively participate. During the 8 sessions, but also by doing your daily homework.
Meditation takes practice. So practice at least five days a week. This way you’ll get the most out of this training.

The Mindfulness Training

Where: at Balans Praktijk, in the Health Centre Noordwijkerhout.

Who: This training is for everyone interested in Mindfulness. There is room for 8 people. There need to be at least 4 people to start a training.

When: Soon you’ll find new dates here.

Costs: 275,- euro’s Tax included.

Sing up today by filling out the conact form or send me an email.

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